Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Wiki
Kanji Chinatsu
Romaji 千夏
Occupation Student
School ?
Year ?
Gender Female
Age 9 years-old
Anime Episode 6
Manga ?
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Shimizu, Ai

Chinatsu is a grade school student who had lost her wallet but it was found and turned over to the police by Shirosaki. Later, Chinatsu and her mother went to the Kawai Complex in order to thank him.

Later, she continuously visited the complex to hang out with Shirosaki or came just for pudding from Sumiko Kawai.


Chinatsu is a very curious individual who despite her appearance has a very sadistic nature. She is also a very straight forward person who is quick to say what's on her mind about a person.

She also confessed to Shirosaki that she is in love with him. Shirosaki said that he like her too, so she should confess again in 9 years when she reaches 18 because of a rule he has about not playing around with girls under 18. However, the conversation is cut short because Shirosaki had stuff he had to do. Later, Shirosaki explained to Kazunari Usa that Chinatsu only confessed to him because she wanted to escape her sadness.


  • The name Chinatsu means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "summer" (夏) (natsu).
  • Chinatsu love pudding and it can cheer her up when she's feeling down.
  • Chinatsu hates anime.
  • Chinatsu had a sadistic personality.
  • Ritsu Kawai and Kazunari Usa describes Chinatsu as a smooth sadist and a just-plain sadist.
  • Shirosaki wants Chinatsu to grow up in order to be a sadist.
  • Chinatsu claimed that she loved Shiro, but according to him, she only said that because she wanted to escape her sadness, so it is unknown whether she has feelings for him or not.
  • Chinatsu likes talking about anything related love.
  • Chinatsu calls Ritsu Loner-senpai.