Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou Wiki
Romaji Hayashi
Occupation Student
School ?
Year 1st Year
Gender Female
Age 15-16 years-old
Anime Episode 8
Manga ?
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Manami Numakura

Hayashi was one of Kazunari Usa's ring master friends as well as one of his classmates back in Junior high. However, she doesn't seem to want anything to do with him anymore from fear of others finding out about her past. But later in the story, she apologizes to him for being mean.



Hayashi in middle school

Hayashi is pale-skinned teenage girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes. She usually wears very trendy and fashionable clothes like miniskirt, cute tops etc.

In middle school, Hayashi used to have two pigtails and round glasses.


In the past, Hayashi was very interested in the supernatural and took advantage of Kazunari Usa's nice personality to talk about any type of supernatural or scary movies that she sometimes saw on television the night before. This caused her to be ostracized from everyone in class.

In high school, she became very self-conscious about her appearance going as far as wearing wigs, makeup and even eye contacts. She even said that she was never the type to fall in love, with a guy if she knows it wouldn't work out and so she only aims for guys who she'll have a good chance with.


Kazunari Usa[]

Since Usa was the only person who used to listen and talk to her all the time, she started to develop feelings for him, but one day she overheard other students talking ill about her and started to feel very embarrassed about it. This supposedly prevented her from confessing to Usa.

The OVA has hinted out that she regained her feelings for Usa after finding out that Kawai is not the girlfriend of Usa. She even tried to stay together with Usa at the festival.


In the manga, Hayashi begins to grow up and be more mature. She becomes closer to Ritsu, warning her that if she doesn't confess to Usa soon, she will. That she supports Ritsu and Usa's relationship to some extent reveals she may have put aside her feelings for Usa.


When they first met, Kurokawa admired a charm on Hayashi's person, revealing he too is interested in the supernatural and spirits. Finding such a kindred spirit amazed Hayashi. Since then, she appears to have a mild infatuation with him and makes excuses to go to the Houseboy's cafe to see him.


  • Her surname Hayashi (林) means "forest".
  • Hayashi was a big reader in Junior High.
  • Hayashi shows her seriousness when it comes to keeping books in good state, as seen in Chapter 29 when she argued with Ritsu Kawai about how Ritsu carelessly put the opened book upside down.