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Sayaka Watanabe
Kanji 渡辺 彩花
Romaji Watanabe Sayaka
Occupation Student
School ?
Year ?
Gender Female
Age 20
Anime Episode 1 (Cameo)

Episode 2 (Actual)

Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor (jp) Hisako Kanemoto

Sayaka Watanabe (渡辺 彩花 Watanabe Sayaka) is a college student who is staying at the Kawai Dormitory just like Kazunari Usa. She also loves to get physically intimate with Mayumi Nishikino, such as fondling her breasts.


At first glance, Sayaka is a cute college girl, but she's cunning, smart, and dark when it comes to the way she treats men, often leaving pointed criticisms of Mayumi Nishikino's skill as a "bad man hunter." But on the other hand, she is very affectionate so she loves to hug and cling to people and she has a lesbian side. This has been shown with Nishikino, since she constantly tries to grope her breasts, kiss her and even sleep with her.


Sayaka and Tsuneda Miharu first met in their second year of middle school, it happened when some upperclassman were giving Tsuneda a hard time and she saved her, but what actually happened was that the upperclassman got scared and ran off after they saw Sayaka escape from a shed that she had finished destroying. The reason she destroyed the shed was because she sometimes got locked inside of it when she did wrong deeds, so one day she decided to destroy it.


  • The name Sayaka means "color" (彩) (saya) and "flower" (花) (ka).
  • Sayaka's surname Watanabe means 渡 (wataru) "cross, ferry" and 辺 (be) "edge, side".
  • Sayaka always wears a lot of make up.
  • Sayaka's nickname for Tsuneda Miharu is Tsuneko.
  • People used to call Miharu and Sayaka Nabe-Tsune because they were always together.
  • According to Miharu, Sayaka used to get locked inside of the shed as punishment whenever she did anything bad.
  • It is revealed by Miharu that Sayaka reads yaoi manga.
  • According to Sayaka, she had very strict parents.
    • It is unknown if this is true or not.
  • Sayaka used a baseball bat with nails in it to destroy the shed and that same bat which was used is now lying around the Kawai complex.
  • Sayaka attended an all girls high school.
  • According to Sayaka, dealing with girls is a pain and that's why she only deals with Miharu because that's all she can handle for now.
  • Sayaka is afraid of rabbits, which is also one of her weaknesses.